How It Works

Soil Test Like A Pro In 3 Steps

Using Soil Savvy™ is quick and easy-to-use! Simply place a portion of the soil into the provided Soil Savvy™ container and mail it in the provided pre-paid postage envelope.

Once your Soil Savvy™ is analyzed by the UNIBEST laboratory, your results will be emailed to you and are available on our website.

Professional Grade, Easy to Use Test Kit.

The same soil testing technology used by leading agricultural producers, turf managers and landscapers is now available to you the home gardener! Soil Savvy is the culmination of years of research. Starting in academia and moving into the professional agriculture market, Soil Savvy is unlike any other soil tests available on the market. Utilizing specialized ion-exchange resins as an artificial plant root, Soil Savvy is capable of monitoring bio-available nutrients within your soil. Unlike standard soil tests from your county extension office or other laboratories, Soil Savvy doesn't change the natural chemistries of your soil.


How To Take A Soil Sample

A quality soil sample will ensure maximum test accuracy. Combining soil from multiple locations provides the best results. Watch our video on how to take a sample and follow these simple steps


To generate a composite sample:

  1. Collect 3-6 soil samples from multiple locations in your desired test area. (Sample depth can vary based on plant type, with the effective rooting zone as your target depth.) Samples should be free of any plant material and other debris.

  2. Combine these samples in a large plastic bag and mix thoroughly.

  3. Once soil is thoroughly mixed, follow the kit instructions for sample preparation and shipment.

What's In The Kit

Each Soil Savvy™ kit includes everything you need to submit a soil sample and access your test results and custom recommendations.

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Do you reuse the needles?

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Tested Nutrients

Your custom report shows you the plant available amounts of 14 essential nutrients in your soil. 


Ever wonder how each nutrient affects your plants health?

Click each of the nutrients to read more about them.

Soil pH

 Your custom report shows the pH of your soil. Soil pH influences nutrient availability to plants. 

Want to know how pH affects nutrient availability within the soil? Click below to see a nutrient availability chart.


Fertilizer Recommendations

Its done for you!

Each report highlights both a custom synthetic and organic recommendation for your soil sample. 



Each Soil Savvy™ report contains a custom product and application rate recommendation. 

“N-P-K” Represents the percentage per weight of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus in the form of Phosphate (P-P2O5), and Potassium in the form of Potash (K-K2O) in a fertilizer blend. For example: a 10 pound bag marked 10-5-10 would contain 1 pound (10% of 10 pounds) Nitrogen, 0.5 pounds (5% of 10 pounds) Phosphate, and 1 pound (10% of 10 pounds) Potash.

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