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Your Plants Need

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The Soil Savvy Difference

Revolutionizing Home Soil Testing

Stop guessing and start knowing what your plants need!


Not your run-of-the-mill soil test.  Our innovative process makes you a SMART gardener.

Professional Grade, Easy to Use Test Kit

  • The same soil testing technology used by leading agricultural producers, turf managers and landscapers is now available to YOU the home gardener!
  • Ready-To-Use professional-grade soil test kit for plant available nutrients
  • Each Kit includes all needed components and instructions for use

Plant Available Nutrient Analysis

  • Analysis provides a full report, comprised of soil pH and plant available levels of 14 nutrients including N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium)
  • Each nutrient level in your soil is clearly shown in the graph as too much, too little, or just right for ideal plant growth

Custom Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Now it’s easy to give your plants what they need
  • Provides an Easy-To-Understand fertilizer recommendation tailored to your specific soil

Sustainable Growing Advice

  • Never again, over apply the nutrients you don’t need.
  • Reduce your environmental impact and increase sustainability while improving plant health and quality.


How It Works

Soil Test Like A Pro In 3 Easy Steps
Garden Like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps for we

Using Soil Savvy™ is quick and easy! Simply place a portion of your soil into the provided Soil Savvy container and mail it in the pre-paid postage envelope.

Once your Soil Savvy™ is analyzed by the UNIBEST laboratory, your results are available via email or on our website here.

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Soil Savvy Solutions

A Truly Sustainable Approach

Give your plants exactly what they need to thrive!


Ideal for:​

All gardening applications

Whether planting raised beds, traditional gardens or ornamental flowers, Soil Savvy™ helps refine soil amendments to grow the biggest, healthiest plants and vegetables, while reducing waste and the over-application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.


Grow the greenest and healthiest lawn on the block with Soil Savvy™. Know what your lawn needs to thrive without over application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.

All urban farming applications

Become an environmental steward by refining best management practices (BMP's) while sustainably applying fertilizer & other soil treatments. Know exactly what your plants need to thrive while increasing overall efficiencies and eliminating the over-application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.

Compost & bulk mixes

Whether reconstituting used soils or monitoring your compost, Soil Savvy™ helps make the perfect bulk mix or compost every time.

Landscape professionals

Guide sustainable customer conversations and application efforts with industry leading reports. Our test is easy for your landscape team members to use. It's easy to read and the actionable report assists in developing and delivering exceptional lawn care plans to your clients.

Potted plants

Know what your plants need with pre-plant as well as in season testing to ensure maximum production and quality.


Verified Customer Reviews

Richard R.

“Easy to follow instructions and fast results. Now I know why I am having a hard time getting anything to grow in my pasture.”


John S.

“Arrived quickly and the directions are simple to understand and follow. I had my results back 2 days after UNIBEST received my sample, which exceeded my expectations. Will definitely purchase again, and can recommend as well.”

Sam I.

"My garden was looking terrible a month after planting, I purchased Soil Savvy and followed the easy to use instructions. My report told me exactly what I needed to add to my garden. Now my tomatoes, zucchinis and lettuce are growing larger and producing better than ever! I will recommend Soil Savvy to my friends and use it every year.

Over 100+ Online Reviews!

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The Rachel Ray Show


When To Sample

For optimal plant health, test prior to any fertilization

High Value Sampling Times:

Spring / Pre-Plant

Spring / pre-plant sampling helps establish baseline soil conditions to guide management throughout the growing season.

In Season

In season sampling allows for adjustments mid-season to ensure production and quality, as well as informed rescue treatments should issues arise.

Fall / Post-Harvest

Refine your nutrition plan for next season by understating soil conditions after plant nutrient uptake. Determine an informed course of action if soil is to be reused and reconstituted.


Our Commitment To Quality

Every Soil Savvy is analyzed in Walla Walla, Washington at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

All sample analysis is completed using cutting edge equipment and is ISO compliant. All samples result in a precise and complete soil analysis report tailored to your soil.


To learn more about our Company, UNIBEST International Inc., including our commercial offerings and partnership opportunities visit